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My name is Basty



I am a photographer born in Borken(Germany), who has been living and working in Cologne since 2018. My passion for photography began relatively early and now I love the medium that allows me to capture the basic building blocks for my work. This eventually led me to refine my skills through formal training, which I successfully completed in Cologne in 2021.

My work is characterized by a preference for black and white photographs. I believe that reducing colors allows one to focus on the basic elements of the image – light, shadow, shape, and texture.


A significant part of my work is image editing. I use these techniques to improve and manipulate my photographs. Since 2023, I have been focusing on analog photographs, which I post-process and manipulate to reveal new perspectives.


My work is a constant process of learning, experimenting, and growing. I am always striving to expand my skills and find new ways to bring my creative visions to life.


Since 2021, I have been using the Solana blockchain to publish my work and have been observing the development and adoption around the topics of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

copyright by basty adler 2023
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